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About Zion Kitchen

Zion has been in operation since 2002. We offer an extensive selection of African, American, Caribbean & Spanish foods and cuisines particularly food at great prices in Washington DC. We have menus for events of all sizes from our Mini Catering Menu to our Main Catering Menu. You can also enjoy our Restaurant Menu ,corporate and any other event.

The Catering arm of the business has been in operation since 2002. We cater to events of all sizes. We have catered to wedding receptions with a guest count of over 1000, we have Catered to cooperate offices, and different NGOs, donated food to different shelters and offer a wide selections. Check out our “menu page”. Let us take the stress off your next event. We will not only supply the food but our professional staff are well trained and equipped to deliver excellent service at your event. Let us handle all of the catering needs of your next event.
We also offer the option of Pre-Packed Catered Food in disposable containers. You let us know the number of guests you are catering to, you select what you want from our menu, and we dish and pack up the food neatly in our fortified takeaway containers!
What sets us apart is the quality of our food and the fact that we strive for EXCELLENCE in all that we do.

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